Dog registration costs

Creating a Global Canine Registry account and submitting dog applications are FREE.

Dog Application

Litter Application

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Dog Transfer


Standard Registration

Single Registration

$20.00 per Litter or

$40.00 per Litter (on registrations greater than 1 year)

and $1.00 per Puppy

$ 20.00 per Puppy

$20.00 per Transfer

* All qualifying dogs are entered into our PediBreed Program free of charge.

About our service

We have made a simple online process that does away with paper forms and snail mail by becoming the first fully online dog registration. Turning what used to take weeks into simple steps through your phone or computer instantly. No more sending personal information over snail mail. All while still receiving an accurate registration certificate and pedigree of your dog. Simplifying dog registration and pedigree keeping for pet owners and breeders.

All registration requires approval from either a Global Canine Registry representative or dog/litter/puppy owner before being fully registered. The goal is to make sure our database of dogs remains as accurate as possible.

Photos will be printed on the Global Canine Registry certificate and will be seen by the public on the PediBreed Program online pedigree website. Please ensure that you are using the best photo to represent your dog.

What to expect

Register your pedigree dog using an existing pedigree from accepted registrations(AKC, UKC, CKC, ABKC, KC, ADBA, IOEBA). Fill out online form. Upload existing certificate, pedigree and photo of your dog and once reviewed and accepted your dog is registered with the GCR!

Your dog must fit the breed standard and will require approval from a representative before being fully registered. No registration certificate is needed.

Single registration requirements:

  • must be at least 1 year of age
  • a photo of a front and side view of your dog showing that it fits the breed standard

We have made a simple online process that will do away with puppy forms. Process includes owner of the dam clicking on 'register litter', filling out a litter registration application and sending the request to the owner of the sire for approval. Quick and easy!

Permanently registering a puppy to a new owner is quick and easy. Owner of the litter simply chooses the puppy and sends it to the permanent owners account with one simple step. New owner receives this puppy on their GCR account and completes permanent registration process in one step.

Transferring ownership of a dog is quick and easy. Choose the dog being transferred and click 'transfer ownership'. Type in the new owners email associated with their account and click submit. New owner will accept ownership on their account and the dog is transferred.